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The current NBA 2K21 has been put on the market and has performed well so far. Although fans hope it is much better than the previous version, it is not the case. There are only a few NBA 2K21 MT in the game.Of course, the new outstanding feature is the new shooting mechanism of the game. Before the next generation of games arrives (maybe in November), gamers must stick to the current version.In addition to the new shooting instrument, NBA 2K also transformed the community park for the players. They introduced new themes... more
The latest patch of NBA 2K21 is mainly a collection of fixes and optimizations. Currently version 1.03 is available on all platforms. The patch notes say that for beginners, "based on community feedback", the size of the meter has increased. This should be helpful for those who find that the perfect launch timing is much more difficult for NBA 2K21, or for those trying to adapt to the new NBA 2K21 MT options. Two days after the release of NBA 2K21 on September 4, 2020, shooting was conducted at the lower three levels... more