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In the Path of Exile Heist, a new item type called trinkets will be introduced. These items will be placed in new equipment slots. The trinkets may have various effects on the fall during the heist, such as increasing damage The percentage of drops to improve the quality of rewards or increase the chance of spotting special drops during work.

All these trinkets have been damaged, so players will not be able to make these trinkets. These are special items in this extension. In the "big heist", high-quality POE Currency will also be an attractive reward. As they gain quality and allow multiple construction possibilities, these attributes will gain different statistical growth.

In addition to the content of the heist, the latest expansion of "Path of Exile" will redesign several existing elements in the game. The curse will be overhauled to encourage players to self-cast by gradually increasing their strength. Most importantly, players may notice that many existing curses will have improved visual effects and slightly different attributes. The steel skills (smashing steel and piercing steel) are being redesigned to use both the Impale mechanic and the new Shard mechanic at the same time to increase its range of damage.

Search for some new spells and some redone spells, such as Flame Wall and Void Sphere. A wall of flame will form a firewall, which will damage the enemy over time. The space ball will create a black hole, attracting nearby enemies and squeezing it into place. Search for 25 new unique items, such as Corpsewalker Unique Boots, which will spawn a corpse every 0.3 seconds of movement. This will be suitable for making corpses. Another example of a unique item is the Redemption Chain, which sets a temporary curse for you and gives you great anger when destroyed.

Path of Exile: Looting is a distinctly different expansion type of Grinding Tool. This is the first such league. Players can choose buy Path of Exile Currency before completing the encounter, but if they don’t escape, they risk losing everything. This is also the first such expansion, which features a party organization mechanism that encourages players to build the best lineup for upcoming work.

The looters also provided Grinding Gear with the opportunity to use the new AI, which enabled the guards to actively defend their territory in organized formations. If any of the assets in the new expansion look fashionable, it's because some of the new monsters are initially going to make their debut in the upcoming Path of Exile 2. Including contracts, blueprints, Rogue equipment, etc.

Path of Exile: Heist is expected to launch on PC and Mac on September 18. At the same time, the expansion is scheduled to land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 23.

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