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We have entered the third week of the NFL regular season. EA can now judge and evaluate teams based on Madden 21 Coins. Some teams looked really good in the first two weeks. Maybe they didn't show some love before the season. That being said, EA may notice some of these things and may allow certain teams that are currently performing well to get a well-deserved score boost in Madden 21.

Obviously, at this point in the season, things are still very early. You cannot truly define a team based on two of the sixteen games. However, what you can do is to evaluate all 32 NFL teams to see which teams perform well and which teams will be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the season. That being said, five teams have really stood out to me so far this season, and they are indeed worthy of promotion in Madden 21.

In fact, I was very shocked by the performance of the Arizona Cardinals in the first two games. We have already seen Kyler Murray lead the Cardinals to two major victories to start the season.

So far, the most surprising of the two victories is entering San Francisco in Week 1 and defeating the 49ers with a 24-20 victory. Not many people expected the Cardinals to win this game, including me, but their performance exceeded expectations. Kyler Murray controlled the offense well in the air and on the ground, which played an important role in their victory. On the defensive end, the defense also performed well, allowing only the 49ers to score 20 points.

In Week 2, the Cardinals beat the Washington football team 30-15 and achieved a good home victory. An easy victory, followed by another good defensive day. The victory of the game is what every player hopes. If you want to win easily in the game, Buy MUT 21 Coins is the best choice.

After winning only five championships in 2019, they started the game with a record of 2 wins and 0 losses in 2020. The Arizona Cardinals’ current game methods and upcoming game schedule (Week 3: Host vs. Lions, Week 4: @Panther, Week 5: @Jets) There is no reason why they can’t make it at the end of the season 5- 0 starts. Last year had the fewest total season wins. If there is a team worth raising ratings on "Maddy 21" in the third week, it is the Arizona Cardinals. EA Sports will not sleep on this team.


New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games recently announced that the new expansion of the free-to-play action role-playing game "Heist", or "Path of Exile", is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The extension was launched on the PC on Friday, September 18, and finally arrived on the game console, testing the player’s invisibility and penetration capabilities. As the name suggests, the extension will cause the player to hire a team of thieves and infiltrate the team full of guards. Device to steal valuable POE Currency.

Overcoming the security of the venue will be extremely difficult, and players must carefully consider in their decision-making, because just a mistake will trigger an alarm, and the venue will have guards ready to eliminate the player within seconds. However, once the cultural relics are stolen, the alarm will also sound, depending on the player's escape from the location to the extraction point as soon as possible, or if they are caught, everything they have achieved so far on the scene will be recovered.

The main purpose of "Heist" is to prepare some progressively more demanding tasks for players until the great task of "big hit" is completed. Players will need to gather resources and information to access plans for various facilities, which will be the main stage of this theft.

This expansion will also add 13 new NPCs with their own stories, abilities, evolution and even the possibility of being equipped with new items. It will also add a new area called "Porto dos Renegados", new item types, seven new skills and more. Players can easily acquire these skills by choosing to Buy POE Currency.

Grinding Gear Games described "Heist" as one of its most ambitious expansions, as its development began in March 2020, just before New Zealand entered mandatory lockdown due to COVID-19.

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Nike reveals a new luxe edition of their Air Force 1 that will be releasing in a mix of White and Gold.Nike Air Force 1 Low White Metallic Gold features a clean White leather base with Gold foil Swooshes, tongue tags, heels, and branded insoles.As with the model’s most iconic arrangement, leather uppers indulge in a pristine color scheme that allows for any complementing detail to revel in the spotlight.A Gold Swoosh lace dubrae atop a solid White rubber sole completes the design. Profile swooshes, branded heel and tongue overlays, and logos on the sockliner all interrupt the tonal composition with their shimmering gold finish. While metallic accents aren’t new to the Air Force 1, having recently appeared on collaborative pairs with 3M and the NBA, the forthcoming release also includes a removable lace jewel of the same tone.

Jordan Brand will be adding several new Air Jordan 1 Mid colorways to their lineup including this “Familia” pair.While not officially announced as part of a Latinx Heritage Month collection, images of the mid-top Jordan 1 have surfaced shortly after the Converse Mi Gente capsule.Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia features a White leather base with Magenta overlays and matching rubber outsole.the Spanish-word for “family” is inscribed on the lateral forefoot, and works in-tandem with not only the pair’s color palette, but also detailing to ostensibly nod to Mexican culture. Other details includes cracked Yellow leather collars and Swooshes with contrast stitching throughout and “Familia” printed on the lateral forefoot.Golden labels on the mesh tongue borrow their design from traditional papel picado decorations; the left shoe’s sockliner features a floral graphic made from a slew of swooshes.A pair of Black wax laces and liners atop a White midsole completes the design.

Following on from a festival inspired release earlier in the month, Buy Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 look to the past, remastering the heritage laced Gazelle Vintage in its predecessors iconic OG colourways.The adidas Gazelle OG will be returning in an updated makeover, featuring a more refined outfit than its predecessor. One pair comes dressed in a “Core Black” suede upper, whilst the “Clear Pink” iteration may resonate more with the ladies. Gaining notoriety for its lightweight uncomplicated construction and ability to take on a number of vibrant shades, this rendition of the cult classic sneaker applies a more texture approach to its uppers, utilising a hairy suede for additional visual depth.Along with its suede construction, the silhouettes are contrasted with white leather Three Stripes branding, tongues, and heels. Final details include the gold branding and white rubber outsole.adidas Gazelle OG “Core Black”Featuring serrated Three Stripe branding, a shortened t-toe overlay and re-worked heel pull tab, the pair find their low-profile frames coated in hits of true to the ’60s Red and Blue, referencing the Gazelle’s debut appearance now over 50 years ago. Buy Aviators Ray-Ban Earglasses Finished with trefoil and Metallic Gold branding atop a rubber outsole completed with a plush leather lining.


LT is back, providing Madden gamers with some compelling defenses on the virtual grill. As of Saturday, EA has launched the new Madden 21 Legends Group 5, and Lawrence Taylor is its number one player. The legend of the Indianapolis Colts, Reggie Wayne, also joined him. This is the latest news about its properties, costs and new challenges.

On Saturday, September 19th, only two players arrived at Madden 21 Legends Group 5. Lawrence Taylor is the main star many players hope to win. Madden 21 Coins can help you get it easily. Due to his excellent defensive ability, he is usually a game changer for the Madden Ultimate Team.

The key attributes of LT in the first big card of the Ultimate Team this season include 87 speed 90 acceleration, 89 power movement, 87 Finesse action and 86 power.

Peyton Manning and former relay player Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts also joined him. Wayne has been one of Peyton's most popular targets in Indy for many years, shooting more than 14,000 yards and making 82 touchdowns during his 14th season.

Wayne's 90 OVR card includes 89 speed, 89 catch, 89 center line, 88 short circuit, 87 deep road and 87 spectacular catch. Each new Madden 21 Legends player provides 90 OVR boss cards and 91 OVR restricted cards. The Boss Card can be obtained by exchanging equipment (see below), while LTDs can be purchased as a package until September 21st at 10 am Eastern Time.

To obtain the Madden 21 Legends Group 5 Boss card shown above, the gamer needs to combine five non-Boss cards. These cards have a rating of 82 to 88 OVR. Non-boss cards can be purchased through packaging and Madden auction house.

Every player has a new challenge in the ultimate team. Players can choose any difficulty level. Each challenge can be achieved in the game. However, the main goal is to win the game because you will get the player's new Madden 21 Legends Power Up card and Madden Coins. Players can Buy MUT Coins and Power Ups and other cards to upgrade Legends to a higher rating.

In addition to these challenges, there are separate challenges for the ultimate team. Players can continue to use them, and if they win, they will get another Legends Token. The token will enter the exchange set later to obtain NAT Boss Legends players. This special challenge will expire on September 26 at 10:15 am Eastern Time.

All the above cards, even the boss card, can be bid at the auction house or purchased immediately. Currently, the price of Lawrence Taylor's Boss and LTD card is reaching one million or more like a coin. Reggie Wayne's Boss card is about 650,000 coins on PS4, while his 91 OVR LTD has more than one million coins.


Players who pre-downloaded Heist, the latest league of "path of Escape", received an error message, but the game developer has found a solution.

Over the years, the path of exile has grown due to the introduction of an update called the League, and this weekend, with the release of the next version of Heist for PC, the line will continue. Inspired by heist movies such as "Ocean Eleven", this set of "Grinding Gear Games" content allows players to form a group of thieves, break into high-security locations, steal rare cultural relics, and introduce rewards, POE Currency and machinery Improve.

However, for more and more players, the new update did not proceed as expected. Before the release yesterday, players could choose to pre-download the seeds for the Heist League of "Path of Exile", but there were reports that many of them made a mistake. Not only that, the problem also prevents players from accessing the rest of the game, forcing them to download the entire game again.

The good news is that Grinding Gear is aware of this problem and has found a solution. On the official "Path of Exile" Twitter account, it explained that anyone dealing with pre-download errors can fix it themselves. Affected players need to delete the torrent file labeled "Content.ggpk", run the game, let it download the latest patch, and restart. From there, they can complete the process through buy POE Currency.

Depending on everyone's technical knowledge and download speed, this may not be the most practical option for everyone trying to solve this problem. Fortunately, Grinding Gear stated that it is investigating Heist's download issue and will provide an update as soon as possible. With luck, this means it will solve the problem very quickly.

Path of Exile is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Buy POE Currency


In the Path of Exile Heist, many players don't know what stolen items are. The stolen property is marked with special symbols, including all the POE Currency you collected during the heist. It also indicates all items that you lost during the heist. When you rob, the symbol will disappear from the item and has been completed.

Information is an important part of it. When you exchange cultural relics looted during looting, you will receive information. Information is essential so that you can plan a major coup. If you want to use the information obtained from a successful heist, you only need to look at the floor plan.

Before a major coup, players need to reveal the floor plan. You can skip the discovery altogether and immediately start hiring the NPCs needed for the coup. However, you may lose a lot. You can find that the more you need or the more you can afford, the more you will capture in a major coup.

On an undiscovered floor plan, you can see what rewards the showroom has prepared, but you don’t know what rewards you will get from the boxes, lockers or side rooms in the process.

If you want to succeed in the heist, you need to collect Signa. You can get these things from regular monsters in the game and artifacts traded in the heist. Signa allows you to pay for the traitors so that they can support you in the heist and reveal the details of the floor plan for a major coup.

Completing the heist will also provide you with intelligence and increase your traitor experience. This experience improves the skills of the traitors, who use it for specific tasks during the heist. For heists and coups, the apostate’s skills must also have a certain level in order to be able to perform their respective tasks.

When planning tasks and floor plans, you can buy Chaos Orb to select traitors with the skills required for the job. This means you don’t have to remember who is best for the job.

Using thief’s trinkets will affect the rewards you get from the heist, or affect the traitors’ equipment to improve their skills. However, these things are not critical to your success.

In a regular heist, the most important thing is to get artifacts so that you can exchange them for prizes.


The price of the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of NBA 2K21 is $70, which is $10 higher than the regular price of the current game. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, is now defending the price increase of the Agreement, noting the rapid increase in game development costs. He doesn't want consumers to care about rising development costs, but Zelnik believes that the NBA 2K series of games expands the value proposition by making the game more powerful and deeper, especially NBA 2K21 MT.

Zernike said: "The most important thing is that we have not seen first-line price increases for nearly 15 years, and production costs have risen by 200% to 300%." ??"But more importantly, because no one really cares about your Production costs and consumers’ ability to process products have completely changed."

Zernike said the newer NBA 2K games are "a lot, a lot" in terms of the features they provide. Therefore, it is necessary to increase prices. NBA 2K also provides the ability to pay for various microtransactions, but Zelnick said the base game is attractive enough to warrant a more expensive price tag.

According to the developers of NBA 2K21, the basketball simulation game for PS5 / Xbox Series X is a "new game". The studio says these advancements are so significant that it compares Halo 4 with Halo 5. In NBA 2K21, players can Buy NBA 2K21 MT to upgrade quickly. Compared with the previous version, this is also a good improvement.

NBA 2K21 is not the only next-generation game that charges $10. Activision will provide a cross-generation bundled service for the Cold War of "Call of Duty: Black Ops" at a price of US$70, which can provide you with the current version and the next-generation version of the game.

For more information on game price increases, check out GameSpot’s editorial, "A $70 game may become the standard for PS5 and Xbox Series X."

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The Path of Exile Heist will be officially released on September 18th. This is the long-awaited update for players. The main task of players is to complete the heist in the game, but they need to hire some thieves to help them steal rare items and POE Currency. Many people also want to know what changes the Path of Exile has undergone in the past period of time.

Once the Path of Exile Heist League comes out, what will happen to your character.

The "Alliance" in the Path of Exile refers to the role-playing world and server. Each new extension creates a new league, usually named after the corresponding extension.

On September 18, 2020, the heist Alliance will start and end the Harvest Alliance. This conversion makes some players worry about characters they took a long time to build and hone – can you keep them?

The short answer is yes. When the "challenge league" (such as Harvest or Heist, the currently expanded main league) ends, the character will be transferred to the upper league, usually the "standard" league (unless you play hardcore and are not dead, in which case) You will be sent to "Hardcore").

Before players start a new league, they need to create a new character, and the previous character will not disappear. Your map progress, storage items and all other equipment will be transferred to the standard league, and you need to start from the beginning, to a certain extent, POE Orbs can make you more smoothly complete the heist.

The league’s cycle is generally 13 weeks, so the best time to start a new role in the challenge league is to get the most benefit from the expansion at the beginning.

If you’re not sure, check out our book "Path of Exile Heist" to see if it’s right for you, and check out our "Other Path of Exile Exile" guide page, including the cross-play of "Path of Exile" works in a micro-transaction mode.


The Madden team released the Ultimate Kickoff promotion on August 10th to celebrate the start of the 2020 NFL season. The promotion adds a new form of currency and Madden 21 Coins. There are a few players to watch, but which cards should you draw for the MUT roster?

The two highest-rated cards are WR Brandin Cooks (90 OVR) and CB Byron Jones (90 OVR). Cooks is a limited card because it will be packaged and sold until September 12. Jones is a special Master item, and to unlock 90 total cards, you need to collect four 88 OVR Ultimate Kickoff heroes (HB Todd Gurley II, T Trent Williams, DT Linval Joseph, DE Yannick Ngakoue) and add them to Special combination. This will reward you with 90 OVR Byron Jones cards and the two heroes you put in the set in a non-tradable form.

In terms of our recommendations, following WR Brandin Cooks may not be worth it. Since Cook is a limited project, his cost will be very high. Jones, on the other hand, should be worth the price. Jones' 6'0" frame is enough to choke the receiver, and with 90 speed and 84 people coverage, he should be a strong choice for Cover 1 and Cover 2.

The Falcon HB Todd Gurley II always seems to be reliable in Madden. Thanks to his great strength and 6 inches 1 inch running performance, his performance is not disappointing. Gurley's Ultimate Kickoff card has some good attributes (87 speed, 89 agility, 85 breakthrough tackles), which makes him an excellent pickup.

Panthers WR Robby Anderson has many receivers you want. The previous jetliner had dimensions (6'3"), speed (89), and good route performance (79 SRR, 81 MRR). Overall, Robby Anderson only had At 85, he should not go bankrupt.

Fast-moving sprinters can be dangerous in Madden, especially if they have good strength and shrewd/power mobility. Washington DE Chase Young may not have the highest total score (83) in the ultimate kick-off card, but his speed (81) and acceleration (87) make him quite dangerous in a hurry. Young may not have the best Finesse (78) and Power (71) mobile attributes, nor the gorgeous Strength (81) attributes. However, if he can beat the opponent's lineman, he should be able to quickly enter the quarterback at his own speed.

As we all know, if players want to be the top player in the game, it is important to choose a good support, which will make you do more with less. MUT 21 Coins will be your most correct choice.

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